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At Smith Chiropractic, we’re committed to providing effective treatment and education for the entire family. Whether it’s for mom, dad, or the kids, we treat our patients holistically to achieve and maintain their well-being. Prevention is a large part of this process, and it begins through our spinal health. 

Our team of professionals aims to treat you and your family with respect while determining the root of your health problems. With our workshops, we can provide you with information to help you achieve your best physical and mental health. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide the most enjoyable chiropractic care to as many people as humanly possible; to have the most efficient, effective and convenient health care system of its kind anywhere in the universe. We want to educate people in such a way they become healthier and happier. We are dedicated to providing loving service to our patients and their loved ones so that we may correct their misalignments and allow their bodies to heal while increasing the quality of their lives.



Dr. Jeffrey Smith is currently chairman of the Doctor’s Speakers Bureau and is an active member of the Professional Speakers of Illinois, the American Association for Therapeutic Humor, the National Speakers Association, and the American Heart Association, and has trained at Chicago’s renowned Second City. His studies have included specialized training to teach motivation and successful living.

Dr. Smith has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician since 1979. He has a bachelor’s in human biology and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois. Additionally, Dr. Smith has completed at least 250 hours per year in post-graduate training in the research and development of patient care. His studies have included X-Ray, Physiotherapy, and Acupuncture, as well as Nutrition and Fitness.

As a practicing chiropractor, Dr. Smith has treated over 30,000 people for aches and pains due to stress. He is frequently involved in fundraisers for charities such as Make A Wish Foundation of Illinois, The Greater Chicago Food Depository, Toys for Tots, Oak Park Food Pantry, and many others. Dr. Smith is also the highly acclaimed author of Laughing, Loving, Living Your Way to a Stress-FREE Life.


Dr. Carly Smith is a passionate advocate for chiropractic, nutrition, and living a natural lifestyle. After being introduced to wellness at Smith Chiropractic in 1997, she quickly found a profound love for chiropractic and natural healing. She received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Loyola University Chicago in 2000, where she completed her studies on a full basketball scholarship.

Shortly after that, she enrolled in science and biology to continue her educational journey through chiropractic school. She received her bachelor’s degree in human biology and her chiropractic physician’s degree from the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois. As a practicing chiropractic physician, Dr. Carly has enlightened thousands of patients on the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. She has expanded her reach and influence beyond her practicing, offering presentations on nutrition, weight loss, stress management, health and wellness.

Using her health care background and 20 years of extensive additional training, Dr. Carly uses her compassionate coaching style to treat groups to a meaningful experience. You will discover new ways to handle stress, increase your energy, lose weight, improve your relationships and lead a more productive and happy life. Dr. Carly is the author of 2 books: Living Thin, Healthy and Happy and Dr. Carly’s 7 Steps to Lasting Health & Weight Loss.

ALE, Clinic Coordinator

Hola soy Ale

Bienvenidos a Smith Chiropractic! I am the clinic coordinator, and will be the first person you meet when you walk into the office.  My goal is to greet each patient as soon as they walk in the door, make sure they feel welcomed, at ease, and that they feel right at home. I am also the patient financial advisor so I will be able to assist you with any financial and insurance concerns. I am a firm believer that only a good team provides great healthcare to patients, and this is exactly what you’ll find within Smith Chiropractic, a wonderful team. I have been a part of the Smith Chiropractic family for over 7 years and have utilized my background as a certified medical assistant within a variety of roles here at the office. I also get to assist the doctors on a daily basis to ensure that each patient gets the results that they’re expecting. One of the biggest rewards I get is seeing the positive evolution of a patient. Working here has given me the opportunity to not only meet and help a lot of lovely patients but also implement a healthier lifestyle for my family and me through chiropractic care and nutrition.  On my time away from work I enjoy spending quality time with the people who fill my heart. My family, my husband, Carlos, my 5-year-old daughter, Allison, and my closest friends. You can also find me exploring new cafés and perhaps reading a good book, and when summer comes around there’s nothing more I love to do than to go horseback riding!

I look forward to meeting you!

SELENE, New Patient Coordinator

As the New Patient Coordinator, I will walk you through your initial visit, from obtaining histories of your condition to performing chiropractic examinations and x-ray imaging. I have been part of Smith Chiropractic Health Care for 2 years and look forward to coming into the office and interacting with our team to share the benefits of chiropractic to our patients. As someone that has seen the other side of poor health, I am passionate about sharing knowledge related to health, wellness, and fitness, so that others can make informed decisions about their health. Improving my daily habits like nutrition and movement greatly improved the quality of my life and motivated me to seek more health-promoting avenues like chiropractic to optimize my health. I am trained in nutrition and lifestyle interventions and have a graduate degree in applied exercise science. Every month I give a presentation on the impact of nutrition on health here at the office for our patients. Today, I am a whole food, plant-based endurance athlete and participate in variety of races. On my downtime I enjoy trying new plant-based recipes with my husband, Joe and taking our two dogs John Stewart and Shiera on outdoor adventures. I live what I teach.

To learn more about a whole food, plant-based lifestyle and my journey visit www.selenemarquez.com

BRIANDA, Chiropractic Assistant

Hola, soy Bri

Originally a patient, I have now been part of the Smith Chiropractic family for three years as a chiropractic assistant. I perform the muscle and posture screenings during your initial visit and you will often find me helping the rest of the team in the adjusting area or front desk. Creating a family bond with our team and meeting the lovely patients who step into our office has been a delightful experience. I also support our team by participating in our monthly wellness workshops by cooking and baking healthy foods for everyone to enjoy. It is truly rewarding to witness the relief our patients experience with chiropractic care.

JACOB, Chiropractic Assistant

Jacob will be one of the assistants you will meet in the treatment room assisting the doctors. He has been getting adjusted since the moment he was born and has been surrounded by Chiropractic and natural healing his entire life. As a senior in high school, Jacob will begin his application for college and plans to pursue a career in engineering and physics. He began his employment career very young working at Jim and Pete’s Restaurant at 13 years old while also working as a junior coach and ultimately a senior coach at Flipside Academy of Movement where he teaches kids how to perform Parkour while also emphasizing the safety of the sport. Jacob spends most of his free time training in Parkour, Free Running and Tricking. He also enjoys playing the guitar and piano.


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Come visit us on North Avenue in Elmwood Park, Illinois. There is plenty of space in our parking lot as well as parking on street. 

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