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MyoVision Scan in Elmwood Park

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A Quick Look at Your Muscles 

The question “what’s your pain level from 1 to 10?” can be difficult to answer. But with MyoVision technology, we can accurately measure your body’s muscle tension to diagnose where your pain lies and determine the most effective adjustments for you. 

Ask us about MyoVision next time you visit. We’d be more than happy to show you how effective it can be for your health and wellness

What Is MyoVision? 

MyoVision is a sensitive form of electronic, non-radiation, palpation and can accurately measure the body’s natural reaction to pain, muscle guarding, and splinting. It’s a diagnostic tool that measures your muscle tension and rates it on a scale of low to high. 

Because MyoVision is only a measuring tool, we use it alongside traditional practices of diagnosis. 

A MyoVision scan uses 2 wireless joysticks with 5 electrodes to measure muscle activity levels at the vertebrae. There is no discomfort or irritation when we measure your muscle activity, so this technology is helpful for people of all ages and conditions.

Specific colors show us the level of tension in the area being measured. The different color readings are:

  • Yellow: Very low
  • Green: Average
  • Pink: Moderately high
  • Red: High

A percentage displays the difference between the left and right sides of the body with arrows pointing to the direction of imbalance. Red and yellow readings are the most significant. Red readings are typically associated with injury, and yellow readings are associated with chronically fatigued muscles.

Along with MyoVision, we use various other diagnostic tools, like X-rays. We’ll always rely on the diagnostic technology we believe will help your treatment the most.

After your MyoVision scan, we’ll analyze the results to determine where your problems lie and recommend the most effective treatments for your wellness. We may use further scanning to track your progress.

If you’re interested in MyoVision, please book an appointment and see how we can utilize technology to help you and your family’s health.


Wanna see what we’re all about?

Come visit us on North Avenue in Elmwood Park, Illinois. There is plenty of space in our parking lot as well as parking on street. 

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